responsive-youtube.js for use with YouTube Player API
<iframe width="100%" src="<video ID>" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
install simple-copy.js for use clipboard with dom and texts
php artisan serve with .env and APP_URL

Install teeny in Node.js projects

Advantages of using Teeny.js

using teeny routing system with golang
go get -u

installing teeny route system with composer
composer create-project inphinit/teeny <project name>
composer create-project inphinit/teeny blog

Download without composer

use Inphinit\Http\Request;

Obtendo o caminho HTTP

namespace Controller;
use Inphinit\Http\Request;class Examples
public function foo()
return 'Caminho/rota atual: ' . Request::path(true);
public function foo()
use Inphinit\Experimental\Redirect;

Redirecionando para um caminho na aplicação

use Inphinit\Routing\Route;
use Inphinit\Experimental\Http\Redirect;
Route::set('GET', '/', function () {
Redirect::to('baz'); //irá redirecionar para http://localhost/baz

Uso básico

use Inphinit\App;
use Inphinit\Routing\Route;
//Rota Index, o ANY permite qualquer método HTTP
Route::set('ANY', '/', 'Home:index');
Route::set('ANY', '/closure', function () {
return 'Olá, Mundo!';
//Closure e use
$data = 'Mary';
Route::set('ANY', '/closure-use', function () use…

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